The Man who Rewrote One Novel and Came Out with Two…

After a long break and a lot of introspection, I realized a few things that I’ve been telling myself and others but yet at the same time vehemently denying: my novel is actually two novels.  This first came to light when I started writing the screenplay adaptation and believe me, that is one process that really forces you to take a long hard look at your work.  The story of the movie is always inherently different that that of the book, simply by how it’s told.  It doesn’t always have to be, but movies have a way of getting straight to the point and they have to deliver certain story beats at the right moments or audiences walk away feeling disappointed. From the first draft of the screenplay I’d been telling my producer that it was almost impossible because we were really dealing with two stories here, not just one.  And the book actually reflected that.

The first part of the story was about how Bob became a vampire and his inevitable reaction being to form a support group for other vampires like him. That’s the core story right there.  Chapter two even comes in with it as a hard statement.

The second part was about the destruction of the support group by Harry and Beatrice’s growing obsession with Bob and subsequently destroying everything he loves.

The thing that really got me thinking was that during the rewrite and edit, I started introducing new chapters and themes and the book started to grow to the point where the page count was well over 600 pages.  For a first novel AND a first book in a series, this was a little daunting.  And all the time I’m looking at the page count and seeing where the story was going and realized that it already had a very natural ending… everything else after a certain point was just a continuation.

So here I am today, two chapters left to rewrite and polish of the first novel which is still called SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE, and looking at reframing the second novel… and looking for a new title.  I’m currently entertaining SO YOU PISSED OFF A VAMPIRE (joking) as the title for the second novel, but that will come when it comes.  The rewrite is leaner and meaner, and still funny as hell and I hoe you guys will give it another look.

PS: Grammarly kicks ASS

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