Revamped and Revived!

First some news: I’m going to be presenting the newly edited version of SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE on Wattpad for all of you readers. There’s LOTS of new stuff, new chapters, new characters and a slightly more involved look at Bob and his relationship with Claude. This edition, the “ReVamped Edition” explores Bob’s formation of the Friends of Vlad support group and features a more detailed look at what happened in the weeks after he became a vampire and how he came to be kicked out of vampire society.

We have 20 NEW chapters and will be releasing one chapter every Wednesday until somebody tells me to stop. I could put all of the chapters up right now, but I know how much you guys love to wait, right? Check it out now here on Wattpad at

NEW CHAPTERS for So You Want to Kill a Vampire will be coming every Thursday. They’ll be packed fresh with violence and action and who knows, maybe a few displays of badassery, but with Bob, who the hell knows what’s coming, right?

Hope you guys are as excited as I am, but like I said before: it’s time to get this show back on the road.


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