Hail Mary Anybody?

Hi guys, so we have 4 days left and unless there is a huge Hail Mary pass coming my way that nobody’s bothered to tell me about, this book won’t make the Quill imprint.  Between being sick and work deadlines (I work in film so everything is now, now, now) I’ve not been able to focus on the campaign as much as I would have liked, especially as a few things fell through.  But rest assured that this doesn’t mean this book is dead.

I wasn’t depending on this campaign to finish the book, since it’s already been completed and had a first pass at editing.  One of the huge attractions of Inkshares was being able to afford to work with one of their professional editors (if we’d reached the 750 mark).  So You Might Be a Vampire was first serialized on Wattpad and has over 690K reads over there, and I honestly thought that this would be a good way to get some traction out of the readership, but there is a huge difference between people who want to read for free and people who are willing to pay for it.  A small number of Wattpad readers have followed (Hi Sharyl), but ultimately some people are really hard to lead and see an author trying to make a living from a book as “selling out”.  Go figure, right?

Anyway, my point is this: it’s not going to make it here on Inkshares, so I will make it available to everyone who has ordered.  I will get coupons for Amazon for those supporters who wanted the paperback (via CreateSpace).  Digital copies will also be available via iTunes and Amazon, so you can read on iPad or your Kindle.

Book 2 (So You Might Not Be Human) is almost complete and you might see that popping up on Inkshares, so I hope to have your support with that (I’ll have a much better campaign planned), especially after your receive your copies of So You Might Be a Vampire.

Thank you for all of your support. You guys have been great.

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