Editing. Editing. And More Editing.

Editing is an interesting experience.  Wow.

I’m working with my editor Nikki Barran and for the next draft I’m uwing Scrivener and Grammarly, so there’s a lot of cutting and pasting going on, but it allows me to keep track of the novel and the changes made for each chapter.

I just finished writing book 2 in the series and I’m very happy with how it turned out, but this puts an entirely new perspective on editign book one since so much more has been established and there is a better understanding of Bob’s voice.

The temptation is there of course to change how the story is told, since book two is so linear and book one is told like a conversation where Bob is telling things as he remembers them and jumping to another story that he deems more important.  I think we’ve found a happy medium and I like what we’re doing with the early chapters, especially how we can expand on some themes and and streamline some of the others.

Helping this process has been the feature script that I’ve been busy writing for So You Might Be a Vampire, and it has been remarkable in that it has helped me define what the story of the novel actually is and how some parts of the story telling would have been vastly different if handled as a screenplay.  Certain characters that show up really late in the first draft are now being handled a little differently and I’m happy to say that we actually meet Jaime (ex-girlfriend) and Claude (best friend) a lot sooner in the new version.  Yes I had to write an entirely new chapter but looking at it now I realize its the chapter thats always been missing.  Go figure.

Anyway, I guess my point is: editing is going on and it’s awesome.

There’s just a lot more actual writing involved than I had pictured…

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