Nanowrimo is finally Over!

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and I’m currently at 40,933 words.  It’s been weird doing NaNoWriMo the same time as trying to promote this book and I admit I’ve not been on top of the updates as I should be.  Honestly, with a book that has already been written its hard to say “hey there’s a new chapter completed… but it’s for the other book which I’m not even pitching to you guys…” so for me there’s a little bit of awkwardness.  I’m waaaaaaay too excited about where the second book has gone and you guys haven’t even gotten a chance to read the first book yet!

Okay, let me catch my breath here.

Have I mentioned just how excited I am about the new book, which is a sequel of SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE?  Funny story: this was planned as a trilogy mainly because the initial single novel that it was supposed to be was getting really bloated.  Like 1000+ pages.  So I took a realistic look and what the three stories were and broke it up.

So NaNoWriMo was essential in getting through a lot of the writing.  First half of the second novel took the better part of a year to write (about 60K words) and in the past 30 days I’ve reached 40K words.  It really helps to have a boot on my ass at times, especially when the story is getting really good.

Thing is, this whole thing started as a NaNoWrimo novel a couple of years ago.  So it’s kind of fitting (and cool) that I’m back with NaNoWrimo for some part of the second book.  Might be a tradition at this rate.

In any case, book 2 is almost completed and it’s a wild ride which I hope to share with you guys, my supporters.  Now I have to brainstorm and get more supporters on board so that book 2 will see the light of day.  It sucks when a book is written and there’s no one around the read.

Thanks for your support!  If you have any ideas on how I can reach more people, I’m very interested in hearing them.


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