Happy New Year!

Well it’s been a rough start to the new year with lots of work and bills and the stunning realization that yes I did in fact buy that thing and yes my credit card is that high as a result… all of this, of course, made it into the new novel, but good god, I still have the first book to get out there.  So hi!  I’m back, still staring down those deadlines that have been dogging me since December, while looking askance and in some cases pretending the non-existence of a few other commitments that I really wish I had looked at a little more carefully before agreeing to.

You guys know how it is, right? After all, we’re all adults here and that credit card thing is a bit of a doozy.

I’ve been seeing the tremendous efforts of people like Tony Valdez out there pushing hard on his novel DAX HARRISON (you really gotta check it out because it’s freaking awesome) and a lot of the other authors here on Inkshares and I’ve been willing myself to get involved more in the community, talk back more, give more updates. I’ve been a lot more active over on Wattpad and have been trying to get some of my followers to actually follow me over here to Inkshares since they like the book so much, but movement like that is hard as hell for even the most committed fans.

So this is the day I make the commitment to Inkshares since the Wattpadders aren’t going anywhere and you guys here have yet to read the first book.  It’s time to cycle up the Twitter and other social media engines and really push to get the word out about SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE.

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