Inkshares Disappointments

Greetings followers!  I’m still alive and kicking and have been locked up doing way too much writing.  After the lack of funding through our campaign here, I’ve sat down with my sidekick/editor Nikki and we’ve been discussing a few things that have come up regarding the novels.

Firstly I’ve been trying to finish book two in the series “SO YOU MIGHT NOT BE HUMAN” and despite my careful planning for the plot, my “just 6 more chapters” have turned into 20 chapters and I’m only now wrapping up some loose plot threads that have popped up.  I’m honestly not trying to tie up each loose end, leaving enough of them free to have an impact on book three in the series, but these things happen when you have characters like Bob who just don’t give a shit about proper story-structure.
One of the things that popped up in discussion was a heavy edit/rewrite of SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE especially since we have this opportunity on Inkshares to get valuable feedback from people who are more than readers.  We’ve also been working on a feature film adaptation of the novel and going through that process has raised a lot of questions and introduced new scenes that I really wish I had written the first time around.
So with that in mind, we’re looking to relaunch our campaign in about 2 months while I go through chapter by chapter.  I’d like to invite your input and feedback during this process.  I know there are a hell of a lot of REALLY, REALLY good projects here on Inkshares and they’re getting some great attention, lots of stuff to read (hell I’m reading and following a few myself of course), but I know that SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE can be one of them.
Looking forward to your feedback.  I’ll be pulling the uploaded chapters and posting the new offerings pretty soon.
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