Meet Bob the Vampire

Nobody expects to get turned into a vampire,  especially a guy like Bob.

Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire out of the movies.  Bad news guys: not gonna happen. More likely than not, you’re gonna be one of the poor clueless bastards hanging out on Thursday nights with Bob in his vampire support group.

You may think you know what being a vampire is supposed to be like, but Bob is here to set you straight. He’s made it his personal mission to get answers about the reality of being a vampire. He’s been shot, stabbed, thrown off rooftops, survived bad coffee and endured crippling boredom – all in the name of answering the eternal question of what it means to be a vampire.

If you think you might be a vampire, this is the book for you.

Reader Reviews

  • Lindsey Clarke - Author of the Whitechapel series
    ``With mishap, adventure and a trail of blood around every corner, So I Might Be A Vampire is fun, brutally real, and it's a ride on the fangster train I didn't ever want to end. Thank goodness there's a sequel! Five blood-drenched stars for this seriously funny, cool as f*ck, vamp-fest!``
  • Gordon A. Long
    ``The writing is crisp, clean and witty. Wonderful characters tumble forth in profusion, written in a style of world-weary self-consciousness that has the author talking directly to the reader and coming clean on the nuts-and-bolts of the writing process: stretches, exaggerations and downright lies. It's all very alluring.``
  • 2shay (From the blog, Chezshayonline)
    ``This is different. It's quirky, witty and a hell of a lot of fun. You might need to let go of all previous ideas of what a vampire is, all those notions from previous books and movies.``
  • Diane - TomeTender
    Sit back and get ready to laugh out loud as Rodney V. Smith gives us a reality check on being a vampire! Witty, raw, gritty and earthy, this raucous tale is completely entertaining from start to finish! Mr. Smith has comedic timing and attitude down pat in this fast-reading tale!<br />
    Told with a gritty realism and filtered through the lens of an alcoholic vampire, So You Might Be a Vampire gives the reader a unique take on a classic genre. Smith has embraced the first person narrative and blends the author's voice with that of the character to give the reader the enhanced perspective that free indirect style has to offer.
    If you think vampires are overdone, you’d be wrong. Take one glance at So You Might Be a Vampire and you’ll see why. Pure wit, nay, attitude leaps off the screen. The spin is new, and dare I say fresh? No, that word just doesn’t go with this world. It’s pungent. Acrid. Spitting. The first three chapters had me laughing, trembling, and rabid for more.
    I will say I was actually shocked because I normally don't get into vampire stories but this one I can't seem to stop. You truly are a good author. Congrats on a job well done.
    I just wanted to let you know that Bob the vampire has become my favorite literary character in history and you're very quickly becoming my favorite author. I like to think I'm excessively well read and many of my friends (those I see when not reading) would agree with me.

About The Author

Rodney V. Smith grew up in Barbados with an active interest in writing and art, combining the two at an early age to make his own comic books.   After discovering Stephen King and Clive Barker his interest turned to horror fiction.

His science-fiction series “Out of Time” has been nominated for awards from the IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) and the T.O. Webfest 2017.

Smith describes himself as a “web series evangelist” and was a founding member of the Toronto based IWCC (Independent Webseries Creators of Canada).

“So I Might Be a Vampire” is his first novel.

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